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Faculty Members


Strucure and Function Analysis of Biomolecules(Chemistry)

Fujita KentaroSpecially Appointed Researcher

JSPS Postdoctoral Fellow
Ph.D. (Agricultural Science)

Research theme

Elucidation of biological functions through structural biology

Representative achievements

Fujita K, Haga Y, Yoshihara R, Matsumura C, Inui H.
Suppression of the genes responsible for transporting hydrophobic pollutants leads to the production of safer crops
Science of the Total Environment 741, 140439. (2020)

Fujita K, Kondoh Y, Honda K, Haga Y, Osada H, Matsumura C, Inui H.
Pesticide treatment reduces hydrophobic pollutant contamination in Cucurbita pepo through competitive binding to major latex-like proteins
Environmental Pollution 266, 115179. (2020)

Fujita K, Asuke S, Isono E, Yoshihara R, Uno Y, Inui H.
MLP-PG1, a major latex-like protein identified in Cucurbita pepo, confers resistance through the induction of pathogenesis-related genes.
Planta 255, 10. (2022)

Fujita K, Chitose N, Chujo M, Komura S, Sonoda C, Yoshida M, Inui H
Genome-wide identification and characterization of major latex-like protein genes responsible for the crop contamination in Cucurbita pepo.
Molecular Biology Reports 49(8), 7773-7782. (2022)

Fujita K, Yoshihara R, Hirota M, Goto J, Sonoda C, Inui H
AN1/A20 zinc-finger proteins positively regulate major latex-like proteins, transporting factors for dioxin-like compounds in Cucurbita pepo.
Chemosphere 305, 135536. (2022)

Fujita K, Sonoda C, Chujo M, Inui H
Major latex-like proteins show pH dependency in their binding to hydrophobic organic pollutants.
Journal of Pesticide Science 48(3), 71-77. (2022)