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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Protection of Personal Information
Osaka University Privacy Policy

Osaka University (hereinafter referred to as "the university") recognizes the importance of protecting personal information and will make efforts to properly manage it in accordance with the following principles:

1. Acquisition and retaining of personal information
1.The university will not acquire personal information through false reasons or dishonest means.
2.The university will retain personal information and specify its utilization purpose only when it is necessary for performing a job.
3.The university will not retain personal information beyond the scope necessary for achieving the specified utilization purpose.
4.In case the university changes the specified purpose, the university will not change utilization scope beyond that recognized as the utilization scope before such change.

2. Usage of collected personal information
The university will not use or provide personal information for other purposes than the utilization purpose without the consent of the individual unless otherwise required to do so by law.

3. Management of personal information
The university will implement measures necessary for the prevention of leaks, loss, or falsification of personal information and for its proper management.

4. Disclosure of personal information
If there is a request for disclosure, correction, or suspension of use of personal information, the university will promptly respond to such request as required by university regulations.

5. Disposal of personal information
The university will properly dispose of personal information that is no longer needed.