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Bioresponse Regulation(Biology)

Takahama MichihiroSpecially Appointed Assistant Professor

Michihiro Takahama received a PhD from Osaka University in 2014. After working at Tokushima University and the University of Chicago, he joined the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Science in April 2023. He is studying immunology, especially innate immunity. He aims to contribute to the development of therapeutic drugs by understanding the regulatory mechanisms of innate immunity.

Research theme

Elucidation of immune responses involved in the elimination of pathogens and cancer cells

The immune system evolved to cope with foreign substances, such as pathogens and cancer cells. We are investigating the role of organelles and intracellular degradation systems to elucidate the regulatory mechanisms of immune responses induced against foreign substances.

Elucidation of the aberrant immune response that causes disease development

Aberrant activation of the immune system leads to the development of inflammatory diseases, including allergies, lifestyle-related diseases, and autoimmune disorders. Our laboratory is dedicated to investigating the irregular immune responses triggered by irritant particles and genetic mutations to elucidate the underlying mechanisms of immune-related diseases.

Development of therapeutic drugs based on the regulation of immune responses

Our laboratory is committed to conducting fundamental research that contributes to the development of vaccines targeting the elimination of pathogens and cancer cells, as well as the discovery of novel anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic drugs. Through compound library screening, we have identified several compounds that effectively regulate immune responses. Currently, we are working to elucidate the mechanisms by which these compounds function and validating their therapeutic effects using animal models.

Representative achievements

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