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Faculty Members


Biochemistry and Molecular Biology(Biology)

Ueyama-Toba YukikoAssistant professor

We are developing research for the social implementation of hepatocytes differentiated from stem cells such as human iPS cells and organoids. In particular, we are developing technologies to enable the mass supply of highly functional hepatocytes for drug discovery research and transplantation therapy.

Research theme

Development of a hepatocyte model to drug discovery and regenerative

The liver plays an important role in drug metabolism. In order to develop safe drugs, it is necessary to accurately predict metabolism and toxicity using hepatocytes in vitro. In addition, the liver is an essential organ for life support. In case of liver dysfunction, liver transplantation is the only option. I am developing a hepatocyte model using human iPS cell technology and organoid culture technology, and aiming to implement it in drug discovery research and liver transplantation.

Representative achievements

Enomoto J.#, Toba Y.#, Yamazaki H., Kanai M., Mizuguchi H., Matsui H. Development of a 3D Cell Culture System Using Amphiphilic Polydepsipeptides and Its Application to Hepatic Differentiation. #These authors contributed equally to this work. ACS applied bio materials, 4(9) 7290-7299 (2021)

Toba Y., Deguchi S., Mimura N., Sakamoto S., Harada K., Hirata K., Takayama K., Mizuguchi H. Comparison of commercially available media for hepatic differentiation and hepatocyte maintenance. PLoS ONE, 15(2): e0229654 (2020)

Kiso A.#, Toba Y.#, Tsutsumi S., Deguchi S., Igai K., Koshino S., Tanaka Y., Takayama K., Mizuguchi H. Tolloid-Like 1 negatively regulates hepatic differentiation of human induced stem cells through transforming growth factor beta signaling. #These authors contributed equally to this work. Hepatology Communications, 2;4(2):255-267 (2020)

Toba Y., Kiso A., Nakamae S., Sakurai F., Takayama K., Mizuguchi H. FGF signaling is not required for hepatoblast differentiation of human iPS cells. Scientific Reports, 6;9(1):3713 (2019)

Nakamae S.#, Toba Y.#, Takayama K., Sakurai F., Mizuguchi H. Nanaomycin A treatment promotes hepatoblast differentiation from human iPS cells. #These authors contributed equally to this work. Stem cells and development, 15;27(6):405-414 (2018)