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Faculty Members


Drug Innovation Center Lead Exploration Unit

Haruta JunichiSpecially Appointed Professor

The goal in this Units is to create of clinical candidate low-molecular compound for treating intractable and rare diseases based on biological research outcomes at academia.
The leading-edge sciences such as chemistry, biology, medicine and physics are extremely important for the research of drug discovery without doubt.
Specifically, we are engaged in drug design and synthesis of compounds by experts in medicinal chemistry, and drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics(DMPK) through the optimization of lead compounds. In this way, we make an effort to get candidate having good balance among biological activity, physical property, DMPK and toxicity. After that, the candidate obtained in this Units will be transferred to pharmaceutical company from academia.

Research theme

The fields of drug discovery target molecule are diverse because the door is wide open for the purpose of supporting drug discovery based on the academia seeds.

Representative achievements

LEU supported over 60 projects and greatly contributed to the realization of academia drug discovery.