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Faculty Members


Center for Advanced Education and Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences Clinical Pharmacy Research and Education

Ohishi MinakoAssociate professor

After working in basic research for about 20 years, I was interested in pharmacotherapy when I participated in a project for clinical application of a toxin, which was the subject of my research, and switched to become a hospital pharmacist. In the clinical field, I realized the importance of regional cooperation, team healthcare, and the provision of appropriate drug information in the implementation of effective and safe medication. Utilizing my experience in basic research and clinical practice, I am focusing on issues related to clinical pharmacology and aims to conduct research that will help establish effective and safe pharmacotherapy and expand the profession of pharmacists.

Research theme

Research and Study on the Contribution of Pharmacists to Patients on Long-Term pharmacotherapy

Advances in reproductive technology and drug treatment have made it possible for patients who require long-term pharmacotherapy to become pregnant and give birth while continuing their treatment. I consider that it is also the role of pharmacists to contribute to the improvement of patients' quality of life (QOL) through drug treatment and to be close to patients' life plans. We are investigating the progress of medical conditions and drug treatment for female patients with immunological disorders who wish to become pregnant and examining how we can contribute to the enhancement of the  support system through cooperation of medical professionals by providing pharmacological management.

Research and Study on the Contribution of Pharmacists to Community-based Healthcare

In preparation for the accelerating super-aging society, there is a shift in the healthcare system from hospital-based healthcare to community-based healthcare where healthcare is supported by the community. In the middle of this change, we are investigating and analyzing how dispensing pharmacies have contributed to the practice of pharmacotherapy and the resolution of polypharmacy, based on the guidance records that remain at dispensing pharmacies.
Such evidence-based research can be expected to contribute to the efficient implementation of safe pharmacotherapy, and we are also considering its application to the construction of an information transmission system for the practical improvement of community healthcare coordination.

Representative achievements

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