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Faculty Members



Tsujino HirohumiAssociate professor

2008:Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science (Osaka Univ.)
2008:License to practice pharmacy
2013:Ph.D. (Osaka Univ.)
2013: Specially Appointed Assistant Professor(Grad. Sch. Pharm. Sci., Osaka Univ.)
2015:  Assistant Professor(Grad. Sch. Pharm. Sci., Osaka Univ.)
2020:  Associate Professor(The Museum of Osaka University/Grad. Sch. Pharm. Sci., Osaka Univ.)

Research theme

Analyses of drug-drug interactions and substrate recognition mechanisms in drug-metabolizing enzymes

Cytochrome P450 (CYP) is one of the important enzymes involving in phase I reactions of drug metabolisms. Since one CYP can metabolize plenty of drugs, drug-drug interactions has been reported to cause serious problems in clinical uses. We are challenging to unravel the complex drug recognition mechanisms of CYPs and to understand the mechanism of drug-drug interactions.

Elucidation and modification of functions of heme proteins

Heme proteins playng important roles in oxygen-related biological responses has been focused as targets for drugs. Our research is on the detailed functional analysis of heme proteins using various spectroscopic techniques. Moreover, we have been endeavored to create its mutants showing new functions by using protein engineering technologies.

Representative achievements

Derayea S. M. et al., Impact of single nucleotide polymorphisms (R132Q and W120R) on the binding affinity and metabolic activity of CYP2C19 toward some therapeutically important substrates. Xenobiotica 50(12) 1510-1519, 2020

Mie Y. et al., Redox State Control of Human Cytoglobin by Direct Electrochemical Method to Investigate Its Function in Molecular Basis. Chem. Pharm. Bull, 68(8):806-809, 2020

Tsujino H. et al., Correlation of indoleamine-2,3-dioxigenase 1 inhibitory activity of 4,6-disubstituted indazole derivatives and their heme binding affinity. Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett., 29(19), 126607, 2019

Hanai S. et al., Roles of N- and C-terminal domains in the ligand-binding properties of cytoglobin. J. Inorg. Biochem., 179, 1-9, 2018

Ichikawa T. et al., Allosteric Activation of Cytochrome P450 3A4 by Efavirenz Facilitates Midazolam Binding. Xenobiotica, 18:1-10, 2017