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Faculty Members


Center for Advanced Education and Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics

Hirobe SachikoAssociate professor / Lecturer

I have conducted various research from non-clinical to clinical for the development of transcutaneous vaccination system as an assistant professor. After that, I seconded to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and currently involve in clinical work as a pharmacist at the department of pharmacy, Osaka University Hospital. While aiming to engaged in the training of human resources with excellent clinical abilities and insight into pharmaceutical administration in the Pharm.D (Osaka University) course, I’m developing clinical research with students in our laboratory.

Research theme

Research on the occurrence and their predictors of side effects caused by antibody drugs

Antibody drugs are expected to have high therapeutic effects and reduce side effects in cancer therapy. However, Infusion Related Reaction (IRR) is one of characteristic side effects common to antibody drugs, and there are some cases lead to the onset of serious symptoms or death. We aim to develop methods for predicting the onset and severity of IRR and avoiding/mitigating them in order to reduce the risks and burdens of both patients and healthcare professionals.

Research on the functions of pharmacists/pharmacies and the medical care delivery system

In Japan, where the super-aging society is advancing, it is important that pharmacists and pharmacies provide unified and continuous medication to patients, under constructing a comprehensive community care system and sharing information with other healthcare professionals such as doctors. We are conducting related research to build evidences that pharmacists and pharmacies contribute to medication with safety, effectiveness, and economy; they are required for designing a system that fully demonstrates the abilities of pharmacists and pharmacies.

Representative achievements

Infusion related reaction by immune checkpoint inhibitors. BIO Clinica 36(6): 577-579 (2021)


Questionnaire Survey of the Telepharmacy Demonstration Project at the National Strategic Special Zone in Yabu City (Hyogo) and Fukuoka City. Iryo Yakugaku (Japanese Journal of Pharmaceutical Health Care and Sciences) 47(2): 106-116 (2021)

Characteristics of immune induction by transcutaneous vaccination using dissolving microneedle patches in mice. Int. J. Pharm. 601: 120563 (2021)

Risk factors for infusion related reaction by Rituximab. The Allergy in Practice 4(6): 481-485 (2020)


Clinical study of a retinoic acid-loaded microneedle patch for seborrheic keratosis or senile lentigo. Life Sci. 168: 24-27 (2017)

Clinical Study and stability assessment of transcutaneous influenza vaccination using a dissolving microneedle patch. Biomaterials. 57: 50-58 (2015)

Development and clinical study of a self-dissolving microneedle patch for transcutaneous immunization device. Pharm. Res. 30(10): 2664-2674 (2013)

Clinical study of transcutaneous vaccination using a hydrogel patch for tetanus and diphtheria. Vaccine 30(10): 1847-1854 (2012)