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Faculty Members


Toxicology and Safety Science(Medical and Health Sciences)

Haga YuyaAssistant professor

2021 March:Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences at Osaka University
2018 March:M.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences at Osaka University
2016 March: B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences at Osaka University
2019 September: Visiting student in Prof. Yosef Yarden’s lab in the Department of Biological Regulation, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel (1 year)

[Academic Career]
2021 April~:Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Osaka University
2021 March:the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Research Fellowship for Young Scientists (DC 1) (April 2018- March 2021)

Research theme

The mechanisms of drug resistance in cancer.

Thanks to the development of molecular targeted drugs, treatment for cancer progressed dramatically. However, a part of the patients invariably develop resistance to drugs after long time drug treatment. We are trying to elucidate “How cancer cells develop resistance mechanisms to drugs”. Especially, our interest is the mechanism and the role of drug tolerant cells which emerge at the beginning of drug treatment.

The effect of chemical substances on cancer malignancy.

We always have opportunity for exposure to chemical substances such as pesticide, environmental pollution, microplastics, and nanoparticle. The risk of those chemical substances are evaluated mainly as a carcinogen which cause cancer initiation. We are trying to elucidate the effect of chemical substances on cancer malignancy which is a final step in cancer progression such as metastasis, immune evasion, and drug resistance.

Representative achievements

Haga Y., Marrocco I., Noronha A., Uribe M. L., Nataraj N. B., Mr. Sekar A., Drago-Garcia D., Borgoni S., Lindzen M., Giri S., Wiemann S., Tsutsumi Y., Yarden Y. : Host-dependent Phenotypic Resistance to EGFR Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors., Cancer Res., 81(14): 3862-3875, 2021.

Uribe M. L., Dahlhoff M., Batra R. N., Nataraj N. B., Haga Y., Drago-Garcia D., Marrocco I., Ghosh S., Vaknin I., Lebon S., Tsutsumi Y., Choi I., Rueda S. M., Caldas C., Yarden Y. : TSHZ2 is an EGF-regulated tumor suppressor that binds to the cytokinesis regulator PRC1 and inhibits metastasis., Sci. Signal., 14(688): eabe6156, 2021.

Haga Y., Higashisaka K., Yang L., Sekine N., Lin Y., Tsujino H., Nagano K., Tsutsumi Y. : Inhibition of Akt/mTOR pathway overcomes intrinsic resistance to dasatinib in triple-negative breast cancer., Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun.,533(4): 672-678, 2020.

Srivastava S., Nataraj BN., Sekar A., Ghosh S., Bornstein C., Drago-Garcia D., Roth L., Romaniello D., Marrocco I., David E., Gilad Y., Lauriola M., Rotkopf R., Kimchi A., Haga Y., Tsutsumi Y., Mirabeau O., Surdez D., Zinovyev A., Delattre O., Kovar H., Amit I., Yarden Y. : ETS proteins bind with glucocorticoid receptors: relevance for treatment of ewing sarcoma., Cell Rep., 29(1): 104-17, 2019.