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 Secondary metabolites found in marine medicinal resources (marine invertebrates such as marine sponges, and marine microorganisms) have a variety of chemical structures that are beyond the wisdom of mankind. And, this diversity of chemical structure means that it can selectively bind to various molecules that exist in the organisms, and in fact, many secondary metabolites are used as medicines or drug candidates due to the various biological activities derived from this chemical structural diversity. In recent years, it has also contributed to the advance of chemical biology trying to comprehend such diverse biological activities at the molecular level. In particular, studies on target molecule (binding protein) for biologically active secondary metabolites (biologically active natural products) are attracting attention as an important research leading to the development of new drug targets.
 In our laboratory, based on the four pillars: Construction of Evaluation System (Screening System) based on the Latest Biological Knowledge; Exploratory Research on New Biologically Active Natural Products from Our Own Marine Medicinal Resource Library; Total Synthesis of New Biologically Active Natural Products and Synthesis of Analog Compounds; and Mechanism of Action and Target Molecule Analysis of New Biologically Active Natural Products, we aim to seamlessly proceed with these research to provide new medicinal seeds and drug target. The students and young researchers that belong here are expected to grow as professionals with both chemistry and biology perspectives through our research, and to play an active role internationally.


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