Bioorganic Chemistry Channel,
Osaka University
Based on the solid foundation of synthetic organic chemistry, the members of our laboratory are working hard to unravel one secret after another concerned with the phenomena of life that remain veiled in mystery, and are developing innovative drug discovery techniques through maximum use of the knowledge thus acquired. Our research covers a wide range of areas, including molecular design, organic synthesis, and experiments with cells and animals that are carried out either independently or jointly with other research groups both in Japan and abroad. Our current research focus is on "nucleic acid medicine," which is one of the most promising techniques for drug discovery.

I have two things that I would like to share with you that we researchers always bear in mind and that I would like young researchers to be aware of as well. First, our research is directly linked to the world. As science students, we must always ask ourselves how our current research work can contribute to the progress of the world's science. For this, young researchers are encouraged to have a global perspective and constantly seek opportunities to be involved in exchanges with the leading researchers of the world.

The other important thing that we should realize is that our research directly affects patients who are suffering from illnesses. Unfortunately, there are still many diseases that are hard to cure completely with contemporary medical science. Seeking ways to develop therapies for these intractable diseases that conventional drug discovery research has not been able to cure is a crucial mission that we must fulfill. We will attend to our daily research work without ever forgetting the many suffering patients who are eagerly waiting for our research findings to see the light of the day.

You would be most welcome to join us if you find that you empathize with our ideals. We look forward to seeing you soon.
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