Pharmacology Meeting on Food Monitoring Activity

On 7th March 2014, Dr. Dung of NIN and Dr. Harada of Osaka University hold a meeting about pharmacology methods to monitor antibiotic residues in foods collected from 3 sites (Hanoi, Nha Trang, and HCMC). Exchanging scientific ideas, both agreed to focus on HPLC methods (HPLC is an analysis method that yields high performance and high speed). NIN will validate the methods until the end of April and establish an analytical protocol for the Project members. After deciding on the protocol, a local training for researchers will be organized at NIN so that all institutions can do the same analysis protocol for coming monitoring activities. The Project will prepare a manual for monitoring activities, which will propose to Ministry of Health until the end of the Project.

 Pharmacological discussions on monitoring activities, Dr. Dung (NIN) and Dr. Harada (OU)