The Terminal Evaluation - the 6th JCC -

Signing on Minutes of Meeting of the terminal evaluation

On 26 August 2016, the 6th Joint Coordinating Committee (JCC) to agree with the results of the project's terminal evaluation was held in Ha Noi, National Institute of Nutrition (NIN). A terminal evaluation, which is done by a joint evaluation team of Viet Nam and Japan, is to review the progress of the project and evaluate the achievement of the project purpose by the five evaluation criteria (Relevance, Effectiveness, Efficiency, Impact and Sustainability), as of a half year before the project period end, providing recommendations for the project and relevant parties for the rest of the project period. The evaluation team consists of JICA and AMED from Japan side, and Ministry of Health (MOH) from Viet Nam side. The team has evaluated that the project reaches almost success, since research capacity on AMR in Viet Nam has been considerably strengthened through the project. Moreover, they evaluate the fact that the project produced 18 international publications (among 8 are written by Vietnamese first authors) as well as the relevance is high since the project's outputs are coherent with the National Action Plan on AMR in Viet Nam 2013-2020. Expected positive impacts, according to the team, include that effect of public health intervention model, a mouse model of ESBL-producing bacteria, a research network among Vietnamese institutes and so on. Recommendations pointed out by the team for better outputs and sustainability, on the other hand, are to accelerate the discussion about the project comprehensive report with related ministries, to have consultation with the related ministries about the monitoring model of AMR. to complete community intervention through population approach, and so on.

Opening remark by the project director, the director of NIN.

Comprehensive project report by the project manager.

Five evaluation criteria explained by JICA evaluation team.

Comments from scientific viewpoints by AMED evaluation team.

Conclusion by JICA evaluation mission leader.

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