A Case Study of Public Health Intervention

An introduction of a public health intervention study to young researchers in NIN

28-29 Mar. 2016, the National Institute of Nutrition (NIN) has reviewed a public health intervention study in a commune of Ba Vi district, Hanoi. With epidemiological approaches, NIN has collected statistics on the prevalence of antimicrobial resistant (AMR) bacteria in healthy residents, that of living environment such as kitchens and toilets and their knowledge/attitude/practice (KAP) about AMR and antibiotics usage since 2013. Hypothesizing possible risk factors of spreading one kind of AMR, or ESBL-producing E.coli, NIN has implemented public health intervention programs in the commune for about six months in order to prevent the spread of ESBL-producing E.coli.

Intervention Programs in Ba Vi since Sep. 2015

Communication with local people about a right knowledge on AMR and antibiotics facilitated by a microbiologist of NIN. A practical guidance on a right way of washing hands by a communication expert of NIN anthropology WG.
An indoor poster developed by the project to promote a right washing hands' behavior. An outdoor poster in a commune to encourage hygienic knowledge.
Promoting students to wash their hands. A quiz contest on a clean condition at an elementary school.

From 28 Mar. 2016, NIN and Japanese experts have compared before-after intervention data on the prevalence of ESBL in the targeted commune and interpreted a statistical significance. They have pointed out several re-calculation points and kept a deep interpretation on the change in Ba Vi.

Comparing before and after intervention by NIN researchers and Japanese experts

Microbiological data comparison KAP data comparison

On 29 Mar., NIN organized an introducing session to share this epidemiological approach with young researchers, expecting them to apply it to make public health actions for their research or work. A field epidemiologist, Dr. Ohyama Takaaki, put forward a framework of epidemiological thinking to make a public health action, referring to a case study of the intervention by the project.

An introducing session for NIN young researchers

A lecture on epidemiological thinking by Dr. Ohyama
A case study on public health intervention

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