2016 Food Monitoring Activities Started

From Jan. to Mar. 2016, food monitoring activities on AMR bacteria (ESBL-producing E.coli) in FY 2016 has started in Hanoi, Nha Trang and HCMC. A Japanese expert visited HCMC and Hanoi to join with Vietnamese Institutions' monitoring activities in March. During his visit, Binh Dien Whole Salemarket Company (BDWSM), which has collected food samples and provided them, organized a training session for BDWSM staff about a proper food sampling method. The Japanese expert made a basic lecture on "Sampling for microbiological food monitoring" for the BDWSM staff of the division of food safety control. In Hanoi, National Institute of Nutrition (NIN) shared the latest monitoring results with the expert and discussed a plan in FY 2016.

Testing ESBL-producing E.coli in foods at Institute of Public Health HCMC.

Vietnam-Japan joint monitoring team at the food quality lab in BDWSM
A lecture on sampling method by the Japanese Expert for BDWSM staff
NIN exchanged the latest data with the expert.

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