A New Publication Accepted

A new article written by microbiology and pharmacology working group of Can Tho University, Osaka Prefecture University and Osaka University has been accepted for publication in an international journal, Fish Pathology.

Title: Spread of antibiotic and antimicrobial susceptibility of ESBL-producing Escherichia coli isolated from wild and cultured fish in the Mekong Delta,Vietnam.
Authors: Nguyen Thi Ngoc Hon1, Tran Thi Tuyet Hoa1, Nguyen Quoc Thinh1, Atsushi Hinenoya2, Tatsuya Nakayama3*, Kazuo Harada3,4, Megumi Asayama4, Minae Warisaya4,Kazumasa Hirata3,4, Nguyen Thanh Phuong1 and Yoshimasa Yamamoto3,5.
Author Affiliations: 1 College of Aquaculture and Fisheries, Can Tho University, Can Tho, Vietnam.
2 Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences, Osaka Prefecture University, Osaka, Japan.
3 Global Collaboration Center, Osaka University, Osaka, Japan.
4 Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Osaka University, Osaka, Japan.
5 Osaka Prefectural Institute of Public Health, Osaka, Japan.
* Corresponding author
Journal :

Fish Pathology, now in press.

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