"Enjoy cloning course" at NIN

National Institute of Nutrition (NIN) organized practical sessions of the local training course, "Primer Design and Gene Cloning" from 20 to 23 Oct. 2015 in Hanoi. Thirteen young microbiologists from 5 institutions attended the course and joined with the research collaboration laboratory at NIN to enjoy a gene cloning procedure together. They had already designed primers specific for certain gene at the last training course on 1 Oct. Using the primers, they tried to clone the gene using E.coli system

Course Outline

  1. Amplify the target DNA using PCR with the designed primers, then check the amplified DNA fragment with gel electrophoresis.
  2. After purification of the amplified DNA from the gel, the purified DNA was ligated with plasmid vector. The consequent plasmid vector was used for transformation of E. coli cells.
  3. Plasmid was purified from culture inoculated with each E. coli colony. The purified plasmids were evaluated by PCR whether gene cloning is succeeded or not.

All participants, through trial and error, have succeeded in the gene cloning they intended.

Course instruction by Dr. Huong (NIN) and Prof. Hirai (University of the Ryukyus)

Start experiments

Knowing by doing.Discussing about causes and solutions each other.

Presentation by each team, showing their protocols, causes of errors, and their solutions.

Answering questions by Dr. Huong and Prof. Hirai

Closing and certification. The vice director of NIN, Dr. Lam, expressing her appreciation for Japanese researchers' collaboration, expected participants to apply knowledge and skill for people's health in Vietnam.

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