Food Monitoring Activity in HCMC

From Sep. 14, 2015, Institute of Public Health HCMC (IPH) had implemented a food monitoring activity in HCMC. IPH has monitored the prevalence of ESBL-producing E.coli and antibiotic residues in foods since 2014, collecting four kinds of foods from a wholesale market, supermarkets and retail markets. A Japanese Expert, who has supervised monitoring process and the protocol of analysis, also joined with IPH' activity and visited Binh Dien Whole Sale Market Company (BDWSM).

Sampling team of IPH and BDWSM in the midnight

Shrimp sampling from BDWSM
Pork sampling from a retail store
Chicken sampling from a supermarket
Start analysis at IPH laboratory
Checking results by IPH staff and a Japanese Expert
Filling data in the data sheet format of the project
Reviewing monitoring activity with IPH team and a Japanese Expert

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