Planning Intervention Activities with a Commune Health Center

On Sep. 1, 2015, National Institute of Nutrition (NIN) visited a commune health center in Bavi district of Hanoi to report the survey results on antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in the commune since 2012. NIN reported statistics on the prevalence of AMR by healthy carriers and foods, as well as the results of KAP ( Knowledge, Attitude, Practice) interview to people in Bavi on hygiene or the usage of antibiotics. Attendees were the director of district health center, health workers and leaders of primary schools.

NIN Microbiology WG reported AMR prevalence in Bavi 

Toward the next actions, NIN and the health center discussed together how to reduce the spread of AMR in the commune. NIN, from risk factors analysis with epidemiological perspectives, proposed several public health intervention actions such as improving a kitchen custom to avoid a cross-contamination, a proper hand washing custom, educational tools for hygiene improvement, promoting an appropriate usage of antibiotics for human and animals, etc. The health center, expecting a better health for community people, agreed to be collaborate with NIN's proposals and requested to start the actions as soon as possible. The project will start intervention activities in Bavi from September and evaluate its validity with a before-after study.

Intevention activities proposal from Anthoropology WG of NIN
Idea exchange with health workers