A Short-term Training Course in Osaka University

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Ms. Dao Thi Van Khanh, who is a chemical researcher of Pasteur Institute of Nha Trang, has participated in a short term training course in Osaka University since 12 May 2015. The training course, which is an intensive advanced course until July 2015, focuses on developing analytical methods of antibiotics residues in seafood and water. Ms. Khanh aims at writing her master degree thesis on the chemical method development. She posted a progress of her training as follows, saying that her hard working in experiments is in collaborate with her tutors and a Vietnamese doctoral student in Osaka University.

Ms. Khanh working at laboratory of Osaka University

Message from Ms. Khanh:

"The training course has started from 12 May. This course is a great part of my thesis in master degree. My thesis focuses on developing a new method for determination of nine quinolones in environment samples and seafood by using HPLC-FLD and finding down relationship between quinolones antibiotic in water and shrimp in pond aquaculture. Every morning I and Dr.Harada have a short time to consider results of experiments last day and Dr.Harada gives me his idea to next experiments. Now we are trying to optimize conditions of method in water sample. Later in next week we will develop a method for seafood sample. Developing a new method is a very hard work but fortunately in this lab I have received many supports from Professor Hirata, Dr.Harada, and Mr.Sy. So I have everything I need to do all experiments. I hope at the end of this training course I can touch all targets of my thesis."

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