Entrance Guide
How does one apply to Osaka University School of Pharmaceutical Sciences? How can one get application materials?
For specific questions regarding the entrance examination, please refer to the Entrance Guide. It is also possible to request the application requirements or information materials from this Entrance Guide. Only the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences (4-year system) permits students to enter by the Entrance Examination for Unsponsored International Students.
What should a person who wants to enter the Department of Pharmacy (6-year system) do?
The Entrance Examination for Unsponsored International Students is not used, and it is necessary to take the General Screening. For details, please contact the Admission Division, Department of Student Affairs, Osaka University.
Can a graduate of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences (4-year system) become a pharmacist?
In general, no.
Support for International Students
I am nervous about the prospect of living in Japan...
Osaka University offers a tutor system. Under this program, a peer tutor is assigned to each international student. The one-on-one tutors are available, in principle, for the first two years in Japan for undergraduate students and for first one year in Japan for research students (excluding those taking only Japanese language courses). The tutors are mainly graduate students, majoring in courses related to the major of the respective international student. They help the international student with coursework as well as assist in improving Japanese skills and provide a friendly ear.
I am looking for a place to live...
Housing offered by the University of Osaka for international students consists of Suita International Student Dormitory and International House. (Both facilities limit students to one year of residence.) For students who require private apartments or other housing, the Osaka University Co-op offers a placement service. Center for International Education and Exchange offers consultations regarding housing.
Please tell me about scholarships...
These are scholarships provided to unsponsored international students with outstanding academic records who have financial difficulty, offered by local governments and private scholarship organizations. Currently, about one half of the unsponsored international students at Osaka University are receiving some form of financial aid.
Information for International Students(Center for International Education and Exchange)
What kinds of research are carried out in Graduate school of Pharmaceutical Sciences?
Research is based on life sciences including medicinal chemistry, and environmental pharmaceutical science. For details, please refer to the Research Fields/Laboratory page.
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