The future mission of pharmacy,
a science that mirrors the history of the progress of mankind

The start of the relationship between humanity and medicines can be traced back to distant ancient history. Beginning thousands of years ago, we humans have selected and used natural medicines derived from animals, plants, and minerals on an experimental basis. With the startling advances in fine chemistry made during the 20th century, dramatic advances were made in drug synthesis technologies, and new pharmaceuticals were developed one after another. With the 21st century positioned to be an "age of life sciences", it is expected that there will be great opportunities to achieve further dramatic development and expansion in the field of pharmacy. Even now there remain many illnesses which medicines cannot fully cure. These include of course cancer and AIDS, but also others such as heart disease, diabetes, and senile dementia. People are yearning desperately for medicines that will cure these diseases. For this reason, in the future of pharmaceutical development attention will be given to theoretical molecular design using computers, genome information science, drug delivery systems, and other pharmaceutical research based on new concepts, in addition to all the science and technologies we have developed to the present. In addition, one of the most serious issues facing mankind is environmental problems ? disturbances in the health of the global ecosystem, which includes the human species. The focus is on the role of pharmacy as a comprehensive health science as a means of resolving these problems.

A message to those intending to study pharmacy
to provide a better future for all living things

Pharmacy is an academic discipline with the mission of helping to develop a bountiful society through comprehensive scientific research into the chemical substances which are related to all kinds of life on earth, and by contributing to the health of humanity through the creation of pharmaceuticals. Crucial to further advances in pharmacy is youthful strength with ample creativity and boundless ambition. We need persons who can use that strength and contribute to the welfare of humanity while fulfilling the mission of pharmacy on the global stage. This is the type of persons who should be responsible for new development in life sciences and medicinal sciences in the 21st century. Are you interested in taking the first steps in that direction at the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Osaka University ? Comprehensive and engaging educational and research fields are waiting for you at Osaka University. I hope you will share your dreams with us, learn with us, and pursue research to your heart's contents.

Takefumi Doi
Dean of the Graduate School and School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Osaka University
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