Aiming to develop world-leading researchers
based on an advanced pharmaceutical education

Osaka University is one of leading universities in Japan aiming to develop promising researchers. In the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, we carry out advanced education and research for the comprehensive development of health sciences.

When we look back at human history, many diseases have been overcome by the developments of medicines, new treatments, and the effective diagnosis methods. It is clear that pharmaceutical research has contributed to these advances. However there remain many problems, including cancer, emerging infectious diseases, and environmental pollution. Therefore, it is hoped that further advances of pharmaceutical research will help to eliminate them.

School of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Osaka University is composed of 2 departments: the 4-year system Department of Pharmaceutical Science and the 6-year system Department of Pharmacy. Both departments provide an education that is primarily directed at developing pharmaceutical researchers. Nearly all graduates of the Department of Pharmaceutical Science generally advance to graduate school. And graduates enter society with a Master's degree or Doctorate. Students in the Department of Pharmacy receive an integrated 6-year education. After graduate, they earn the qualification required to take the national pharmacist examination. They are also expected to be clinical pharmaceutical researchers in leadership positions. The demand for researchers with pharmaceutical educations will continue to grow. I hope that high school students everywhere will consider joining the Osaka University School of Pharmaceutical Sciences and become world-leading researchers to develop health sciences.
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